When will Earmark Connect be available?

We expect to begin shipping Earmark Capture in 2015.  Just in time for commercial VR units from Oculus, Sony, Valve and others to arrive!

How much will it cost?

We're still evaluating components and manufacturing costs, but expect that the final retail price will be below $100.

Which VR solutions will my Earmarks work with?

Our goal is to bring your Earmarks to every VR solution available.  Since Earmarks are HRTF-based, once captured they will work with any platforms or applications which support 3D audio and the use of particular HRTFs (such as OpenAL).

Why is my Earmark stored in the cloud?

Earmarks are stored in our cloud for several reasons:  it allows us to support any file format used by game/application publishers and at any sample rate, bit depth or filter lengths required.  Additionally, it allows you to take advantage of our continued Earmark optimizations -- your Earmarks will continue to sound better and better!

What formats does Earmark currently support?

Currently, we support the OpenAL HRTF file format, but are happy to support any other file formats as they become available.

What platforms does the Earmark Capture application work with?

Curently, the Earmark Capture works with OculusVR, but we intend to make it available on as many platforms as possible.  Note that once captured, your Earmarks will work with any system that supports HTRF-based 3D audio.

Can I use the USB audio converter for listening to music?

Absolutely.  The USB audio converter we include with the Earmark Capture kit uses the same high quality audio converters used in several commercially available recording devices.    

Can I use the ear microphones for binaural recording?

Yes.  Ensure that your recorder is capable of providing phantom power between 2-10V DC.